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01 June 2009 @ 11:16

I just have a favor to ask ..... Yes it's this poll. I need your opinions ..... All comments screened. Feel free to leave any further comments, otherwise just doing the poll is fine for me ....

Arigatou minna-san :)

Poll #1409100 Anybody Out There ....

Will you die after your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/partner/love?

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Argh i hate it when my post is too long =.= ok here goes part 3 =.=
hitori janai ....Collapse )
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15 September 2008 @ 19:39
Gomen gomen minna-san :((

I've been busy, yes, but i couldnt just open the com and let it go like that :P Haha still, i've got the greatest help from Nicole san and Crystal san, i really hope this first weekjunno_awards  will go well <3

And yeah first week's theme has been posted here @junno_awards . Join and submit minna-san <3 <3 <3

semi-hiatus still on :( i'll try to reply to all of everyone's comments soon !!!!! Do not forget to remember me, again hehe :P

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