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10 June 2008 @ 22:50
[#6] Shoujo  

Da da da im back :P

Well im doing my Maths HW =] And suddenly wanted to blog a little :P Well i havent finished my Hana Kimi set  yet, to tell the truth im lazy =] :P But i'll post some really soon :D About 50 icons and i'll try my best to not get lazy again =]

But ...

Hehe actually there's no more =] It's just im gonna type out the list of mangas and LA im gonna watch/already watched/not gonna watch :P

In this order: read - being read - going to be read - never gonna be read :P

Ok Shoujo first :D

1. Kare Made Love: Duh i got interested in this shoujo. I came across the comics while i was cleaning my old room hehe. Then i saw them and began reading nonstop. Then found it interesting =] Then bought the whole series again =] Then became obsessed. What attracted me? Yet the way Minami-kun and Miyuu-san/chan shows their love ^^ The way Miyuu-san/chan doesnt know what to do but got nervous that Minami-kun will be stolen away. The way Minami-kun also is afraid of losing Miyuu-san/chan, and the way they being patient. ^^

2. Parfait Tic: Uhm. I got back to reading it after 10 times reading KML. Then got interested again =] Let's see. I hate this shoujo. I hate the way it goes. I hate the way every time Fuu-chan finds the one for her, he got away. I loathe =] Ichi. Wtf was going on w/ him??? He just said he'd wait for Fuu, no matter what, then some days after he got away. What a man!!! Then that i started thinking again about Daiya. At first Ichi gave me a really beautiful impression. I love someone who does not show much outside, but inside there IS something. Daiya does have sth inside, outside he also has a great love, but. Idk. Everyone has his own thought. I just dont like Daiya at all. And then she ended up w/ him. Ah. How fair. Damn it  =.= I hate the time I had to wait. Wait until every chapter is translated into E, then read, then got angry. Duh. Now i dont care. Cuz it's not what i want :P Idk. Just dont like it at all :D

3. Hana Kimi: 3 of my friends recommended me this shoujo. Nah. I read it . The 1st time. No idea. Page 1. Then close the tab and got to another thing =] 2nd time, got more patience and got til page 3. Same again. Finally. 3rd time. Got to it, and loved it :D I dont have anything to tell about this manga anymore. To me it's perfect. 9.5/10 hehe :P Yeah of course there are still things i dont like, such as how much Sano and Mizuki needs to suffer from being close together but not being able to do anything, but the ending is still good :D well at last they're together :P Duh i love it :P Love a whole happy ending. Hehe ^^

4. Kare First Love: After Hana Kimi, I found it really hard to get into another manga. But then i accidentially clicked on the link to the manga. Then i read it. Haha it consists of some H things =] Not much but i can feel how much they love each other :D that's the 2nd best way to show love, in my opinion. The best way is Hugging :D The warmth from one will be given to the other. Then that =] And the 3rd is kissing. In short it's worth reading. But still marriage at 18 is not good =]

5. Hot Gimmick: I went to Chojinju LJ i think, she recommended this manga. I got the link and checked. Didnt like it at all. Didnt like the touching things cuz just not love :D Just finished it 4 hours ago and it's not that bad :D The Love actually is really cool. It's one of the real-est =] story i've ever read. :D But still :| Marriage at 18 is so not good =] What are they keeping in mind =] Does marriage always result in happiness and everlasting love? Well yeah at least Tachibana-kun will always be Hatsumi's no. 1 no matter what ^^ I love them :*

6. You're My Girlfriend: Haha it's really hilarious =] I was reading it while typing these lines =] And yeah it's good :D Really recommended as it has only 4 chapters :P One-shot :D

7. Ultra Maniac: I'm loving it :x I love Yoshizumi Wataru :P The drawing is cool :x and the story is good heeh I love that boy in blond :D Let's see his name again =] Kaji-kun =] He's handsome :x Haha good drawing =]

8. Ouran High School Host Club: About to read it. Hehe read the first chap and it's kinda cool. So i'll keep reading it :D

9. Hana Yori Dango: I bet this will atrract me ^^

10. Hot Blooded Woman: EH???? Manhwa??? not much interested but i'll give it a try :D

11. Special A: INTERESTING!!!! Surely  gonna read heeh :P

12. Absolute Boyfriend: no comment now but let's see after ^^

13. Some more Wataru sensei stuff :D

14. None not gonna read yet =]

Ok that's all for today hehe Im gonna go watch some World Cup Stuff =] Update on LA's coming up on the next entry :D





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ai0no0ff on 13th June 2008 16:52 (UTC)
Man, I never read any of those mangas. I just watch the dramas + animes ^^;;
♥ 枚貫 ♥kiraluvstock on 14th June 2008 09:27 (UTC)
really??? come on you really should try reading some hehe :P yeah but watching animations is a good idea since your eyes will not be damaged that much :P =]