☆ you're gonna miss me when im gone. ☆

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♥ 枚貫 ♥
♥ super-fangirl ♥
F R E A K. Teenager's craziness. A normal girl who loves JE to pieces. Hopeless drama-addict. Random. Ikemens b*tch [oh damn who doesn love ikemen?] 50% confident. 99% effort. Always moving and rolling around. Do not bite. Just hug and kiss.
♥ lovejuice ♥
KAT-TUN. ARASHI. JE [Johny's Jimusho]. Miura Haruma. Aragaki Yui. Mukai Osamu. Lee Min Ho. 2NE1. Fandom.
Current addiction/watching: アタシんちの男子. ブザー・ビート. BOSS. ラブシャッフル. MR. BRAIN. スマイル. ||| 1%의 어떤 것. 꽃보다 남자. ||| Roswell.

Just one person in the entire world, I've chosen you. Because if I'm with you, no matter what the future is like. It'll be shining always.